Some dress


The news just out that the Australian cricket captain Michael Clark got hitched without any media circus. All kept under wraps until the next day. Now that is a well kept celeb secret.

The groom and his stunning bride looked amazing. They released the pictures through twitter. As a mad sport lover I do keep a following of the players personal life to a certain extent. It took place in the beautiful Blue Mountains of Nsw providing a beautiful back drop.


Bride in a Alex Perry gown and Groom in Louis Vuitton


beautiful-groom carrying her shoes


-amazing shot-

There you have it. I’m loving the look because finally a celebrity is actually dressed so well. It’s however not the easiest dress to pull off.

What do you link of the wedding dress???

Pictures are courtesy of Michael Clark’s twitter account and other news websites.

Love always,

Trendy Melbourne xoxoxo


6 thoughts on “Some dress

  1. Indeed a lot of work has gone into it. She heavily designed it wth Alex Perry. I'm not a huge fan of the Mermaid dress on a wedding gown either but she just pulls it so well I couldn't fault it.
    Doesn't it just look amazing in that shot. Soo much layers and makes the dress that much more special.


  2. I like the silver bling on it. Having worked in a bridal store it's not a popular choice but it looks fabulous all together.
    I had to add that shot. As an amateur photographer (if you can call my skills that) I would love to of captured that. Effortless yet ohh so perfect.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.


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