One dress-three outfits


Don’t you just love it when you find that perfect piece of clothing, you know the one you kind of given up looking for on one of those random strolls. Okay so by now you Probably already know that I love long dress/skirts and that I’m pretty much not into pants. I’ll cut to the chase. I randomly walked into this store wanting to have a look at a scarf on the mannequin and stumbled across their sale rack to find that very dress I have been dying to own. Long sleeve, floor length and of course it had to be jersey material (slightly obsessed you see). I bought it for $20 on sale. I couldn’t believe my luck. Ohh and did I mention it was originally $89. Bargain or what???

So I got my hands on my most sort after piece of clothing and I was very happy. I have been wearing it just about every second day since. Soo bloody easy to put together. This dress came in other colours but I only found this Charcoal coloured one to fit me and I liked the best on.

Here is a few shots of the three outfit I have been able to put together since:



Dress- Sussan  Hijab- Sunday market

Bag- Forever New

Bracelet- Diva



Dress- Sussan Parachute Jacket-Next

Hijab-see above



-Outfit- 3

Dress- Sussan Denim crop- Forever New

Hijab- Portmans  Bracelet-Gift


There you have it. Three outfits with the one dress.

Hope you liked the looks.

Take care,

Trendy Melbourne xoxoxo


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