Belluccio collection


BELLUCCIO was created in 2009 by Julie Sufi who designs dresses for red carpet, evening wear, bridal wear and formal wear.
Located in Melbourne, BELLUCCIO is known for its custom made, beautifully detailed gowns.

If I could own all of Belluccio’s gowns, I would!!!!

Following on my previous post for the Belluccio s/s 2013 launch of their collection….here are the pictures taken from my camera on the lovely night.




this is my favourite gown…I need it in my life!!!


DSC_1289DSC_1290DSC_1293DSC_1295DSC_1297DSC_1302DSC_1315DSC_1318DSC_1319DSC_1322DSC_1328DSC_1330DSC_1331DSC_1337DSC_1338DSC_1340DSC_1342DSC_1346DSC_1400DSC_1398                    Julie Sufi , creator of Belluccio, and yours truly Smile       


Please go and check out Belluccio on the following links:

I would just like to thank my lovely cousin, Hiba, for helping me co- create this post and for helping me choose which pictures to put up.

love always,

Tendy Melbourne


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