Valentino spring/summer 2012


Valentino’s Spring Summer 2012 campaign featuring photography by Deborah Turbeville captured in Mexican town of Pezos. I had these pictures saved and can’t believe I hadn’t shared it.

I never look to designers and runway fashion religiously as my source of inspiration but I was in love this collection. I would love to get these full length red dresses made. Gorgeous to say the least.


Pictures were all taken from google.

Love always,

Trendy Melbourne xoxox


11 thoughts on “Valentino spring/summer 2012

  1. Valentino is one of my fave designers so chic & classical. I just stumbled across your blog & thought I would pop by as I am also from Melbourne but now live in Anglesea but I still work as a designer in Melbourne. I just signed up as your latest follower!


  2. Aww Jazaki Allah khairian sis. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts. I'm right there sis, inshallah your enjoying it.
    Don't be a stranger on here.
    Much Love,

    Trendy Melbourne xoxox


  3. Melissah Valentino is definitely one of my all time fav too.
    Thank you so much for stopping by and following. You have one amazing blog. I was in haven with the layout. Your blog is everything I could want from a perfect blog.
    I'm looking to start studying interior design and decorating myself so I was blown away to hear your in the industry.
    Again thank you, thank you for stopping by.
    Love always,
    Trendy Melbourne xoxox


  4. Salam,

    I've just discovered your blog and am loving the fact that you're based in Melbourne too. It's nice to see what other Melbournian's get up to and style their hijabs. My friends and I recently launched a blog too and would love for you to check it out:

    Ramadan Kareem xx

    I blog as K 🙂

    K xx


  5. Salam K,

    I'm thrilled to have you here. It's got me excited too. I had a look at your blog and it's faboulous mashallah. Keep them inspirational looks coming.
    We should do a catch up session.

    Take care,
    Trendy Melbourne xoxox


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