Ramadan and Food

Ramadan has come and is about to depart. Subhanallah how beautiful & easy it has been here. It saddens me and I’m sure the Many that have witnessed this Ramadan as we farewell this beautiful month. May Allah grant me and the Muslim Ummah the acceptance of fasting and good deeds.

This Ramadan I have been allowed in the kitchen and I have to say enjoyed it very much.
Here are some of the Meals enjoyed by the family. It’s smiles all around :))))


4 thoughts on “Ramadan and Food

  1. Looks delicious! I know what you mean about how quick Ramadan has gone. It's sad to say goodbye to this beautiful month but in hindsight, we'll be saying hello to just as wonderful months to come…especially Eid just around the corner 🙂

    K xx


  2. Wow, the food looks delicious!
    I am also saddened that the holy month is over and can't wait till next year!
    This is late, but happy Eid, sister! Wish you the best.



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