Eid Mubarak


Salam Alkuim lovelies,

Eid Mubarak to you all. Inshallah you all had a splendid time with your family and loved ones.  I know it’s been a while between posts but Inshallah it has been worth the wait.

Eid was fantastic here in Melbourne. Cold but nonetheless enjoyable being around my loved ones. It was also different or should I say a strange Eid. For the first time ever my father was not with us to celebrate. I missed him that day more then ever before. Getting the kiss from daddy on the morning of Eid is always a special moment for me. Inshallah he’ll back in time for the next one.

Before I drag this post out to a massive bore fest I will let you all know that I have a new awesome job. YEAH!!!! Super happy and content with my current position alhamudualliah. Inshallah now that I feel settled, I shall keep the post regular.

For now enjoy the pictures:






Purple for day 1 of Eid


My gorgeous Hiba (aka TM photographer) and her sis (my model) Mona


My beautiful cousins- Nothing like a loving family- Alhamdulliah


She’s wearing dress from thepoplook– Gorgeous Mashallah








Top- Supre Plazzos- Zara Satin belt- reused Hijab- Sorayya Design

Necklace- Equip  bracelets- Gift (black one) silver- Lovisa

Ring-Equip Heels- Zu

Outfit 2

Hijab-Egypt  Body necklace- Topshop or Equip

Pumps- Novo Bangles- Diva Ring- Peep Toe

Ahh finally post was successfully completed in one sitting.

Hope it was worth the wait Smile with tongue out

Stay tuned, Inshallah the next post won’t be to far away.

Love you all for your unwavering love and support. Always make my day coming on here and reading your kind words.

Much Love,

Trendy Melbourne xoxoxo


7 thoughts on “Eid Mubarak

  1. salms samra i really enjoyed our eid together with the family i also miss gedo hopefully he had a good eid and welldon e in getting a new job and u looked sooooooooo beutiful on eid day mashallah have a good time at work!!!
    love u


  2. sammy it was really great celebrating eid with all the fam as usual and the pics turned out good! you were a stunner on eid!

    hahaha muna is your model…lol i like that 🙂
    love you


  3. Shukran habibti. It's been a great change and I'm loving it. How odd is it?? Sunbhanallah the day was just not the same.
    Mashallah all the girls look amazing.
    The necklace was similar to something I saw in Egypt but couldn't buy at the time. It's my current new accessory.


  4. Krissy thank you. I wasn't so sure about it but it definitely adds a lot to a simple outfit. I saw them in Lovisa the other day but in black. Check it out.
    The new job has been fun. Hope it continues. Any change is a good change in my eyes.


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