Poetry Night


I attended a poetry session awhile back but couldn’t find the pictures..lol  It was a great night. Mashallah Alia is a very gifted women and one I admire a lot. Her words are so powerful, leaving you spellbound. It’s her incredible story telling ability, emotion and power in her voice. Any story she tells becomes your own. Words that tug in that very special place. A talented women sharing her love for poetry.



The gorgeous Alia- Mashallah

Here is a link to one of my personal favourite:


My beautiful Mona enjoying the her mocha and my awesome company


Best Mocha ever- I mean it


DSC_1577                                                                                                       DSC_1580DSC_1582

Delicious French Crepe


 face lift for Bourke St-

Love always,

Trendy Melbourne xoxox


2 thoughts on “Poetry Night

  1. Hajoor she is very talented mashallah. Thank you habibiti. Your too beautiful. The food was delicious indeed. I have to take you there on the school holidays. Remind me or I'll forget.
    Love you xoxox


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