Animal prints

Animal prints. Some of us love them and others just won’t go near it. It’s a fashion love or hate kinda relationship. For me its not something my eyes gravitates to but if done tasteful I won’t mind so much. Less is more they say.
Here is a sheer shirt I’ve owned for over a year and never worn.
Gathering dust in my cupboard as the months went by. It’s not the worst purchase but one I can’t bring myself to wear.
So out it came today for a work outfit to start the week. A few of my female colleagues loved it but for me it’s shall remain as the forgotten shirt.
So tell me…What’s your take on animal prints??


7 thoughts on “Animal prints

  1. I think, when worn tastefully, as you too mentioned, animal prints are gorgeous… I know one woman who has animal print panties, shorts, pjs, clothing, basically everything… she is obsessed with it and aged over 60 years. 🙂 I guess you know where I am getting with this… it is basically up to the individual to make animal prints classy or trashy…


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