Sunday Brunch


A late Sunday brunch was planned and executed to a tee. As the sun made it’s way out we took a little stroll through Carlton before finding this tinny cafe. We were seated immediately and started digging into some scrumshes food and a good coffee to go with it not long after. It was such a lovely day, made that much more special because I got to take my beautiful Hiba, aka TM’s Very own photographer out. It’s been a long time coming. Thank you for putting up with my constant requests for “blog worthy pics”… Thank you for putting up with me all along. I love you my darling.

DSC_0774DSC_0771DSC_0797                      Avocado and Greek Fetta with chamomile salt


Canadian French toast with strawberries & mascarpone

photo (14)DSC_0773


photo (15)

DSC_0763DSC_0814  DSC_0822DSC_0826             DSC_0829DSC_0765 DSC_0839



Now for the outfits:

Hiba is wearing:

Coral skirt –Tempt Hijab-Portmans

Tank & cardi- n/a Crop Jacket-Vintage

My outfit:

Blazer- H&M Hijab- Gift from Turkey Eliza Contrast top- Forcast skirt- Na

Bag- Emilio Shoes- Target Ring- Equip Sunnies- Valleygirl

Until next time take care my friends and enjoy the week ahead.

Trendy Melbourne xoxoxo


17 thoughts on “Sunday Brunch

  1. naww sammy i love you too fam <3 the pics turned out pretty good.. i love that first one...taking credit haaha :)
    it was a lovely day out with you! thankyou… must do this again soon :p


  2. I love avocado too. The crumbled Fetta and lemon was awesome combo. Will def have it that way again.
    Thank you. For me it's always skirts and these tube skirts have been a god send. So easy to wear and soo many colours. Can't wait for hot summer days. I'll be living in them 😛


  3. oooh cant wait til the summer holidays 🙂 xxxxxxx oh and you did not drop by after going to the city on totally have to make up for it haha just an excuse 🙂


  4. Lovely pictures samra. the food looks so delicious! And love you and hibas outfits.especilly your top and hibas maxi skirt. <3

    see ya soon


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