Saturday Stroll


I set off to the city centre along with my nieces on Saturday morning. The sun was out and the city was packed. We bought some waffles and sat at Federation Square enjoying some street art performances and watching the crowds growing in the distance. A lovely day to be out and about in this beautiful city. A trip to explore the lanes of Melbourne and it’s awesome street art was next on the agenda. While on our stroll, we stumbled on a lane way with a graffiti artist in action. The kids loved it!!!

I love having my weekends back after so long. It allows me to enjoy life. Nothing like making the most out of a weekend. Even more so when you live in a city like Melbourne.











Thank you Hajar for these great shots!!! A budding photographer I must say 🙂






The graffiti artist in action


My outfit

Skirt-Mink Pink Denim jacket- Forever New Shirt- na Hijab- Rubi

Ring-Rubi Bag- Emilio

My adventures weekend will continue in the next two posts: Stay tuned for the posts on the annual 35th Latin and Spanish Festa post and a awesome picnic for the Sunday to wrapped it up. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you 😛

I had to hold back a little… fear of picture overload.

Here is a little sneak peek at my outfit for Sunday……


until then..take care,

Trendy Melbourne xoxox


5 thoughts on “Saturday Stroll

  1. Looking great and your nieces are too cute MasyaAllah!

    I really wanted to head down to the festival but was stuck doing work. Trust you had a good time 🙂

    K xx


  2. i enjoyed being your photographar and had a great day it was so fun being with u and the girls.
    thanx for the ride and outing.

    love ya
    see ya soon


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