Eid Outfit


Hey there lovelies,

Eid Mubarak to you all. Inshallah you all enjoyed your days with your family and friends. This Eid crept up on me like no other. People discussing Eid plans came as a shock. It felt like I was just sharing with you all my last Eid outfit and here it is again. It came around so quick that I forgot to apply for a day off from work 😛 It sucked being at work on Eid day. I won’t be repeating it again inshallah. My outfit was purchased with 4 days left for Eid . OMG i know.. I did say I wasn’t ready. It arrived Tuesday and the compilation of it continued until Thursday.

Here it is:









Marrakesh Kimono– By Pink Stick from The Iconic Mint dress- Valleygirl

Hijab- Forever New Belt- gift Clutch- Sportsgirl Necklace- Sunday market Ring-gift

Bangles- Equip Bracelet- Lovisa

There you have it. And for a first, I have my Eid outfit up within the week.

Much love,

Trendy Melbourne xoxox


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