These pictures are from last weeks Spanish festival my friend, cousin and I attended.

DSC_2697  DSC_2712DSC_2720DSC_2722DSC_2705           DSC_2708DSC_2710





Top- H&M Hijab- gift from Turkey tie-dye skirt- Valleygirl

necklace- Forever New belt- H&M bag-Tightrope

P.S I’m participating this week in a week long challenge called BLACKOUT. Check it out here to get more info and be part of it. An initiative  put together by the beautiful Mon Amie from http://mon-is-me.blogspot.com.au/.

Pls use hashtag #blackout, #anythingbutblack and #banningblack to view associated images.


My dedicated friends/followers of this little blog of mine might not see this as much of a challenge for me but I thought to give it a go and see what the other awesome bloggers will be putting together.

Wish me luck Smile with tongue out

Take care,

Trendy Melbourne xoxox


4 thoughts on “FESTIVE ME

  1. You know what, i've never thought to wear my necklaces on top of my hijab! Great idea, thanks! I've always had to extend them with a ribbon so it shows below my hijab…but this way I don't have to worry about it. Must try this!

    K xx


  2. that was such a fun day…even though it started late for us haha get it?? thankyou so much had a lot of fun oh and that food especially the paella was amazinggggg!! loved it and you looked gorgeous 🙂


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