Lunch with the gorgeous Dian Pelangi


Last Sunday my friends and fellow Melbourne bloggers got together for lunch with Dian at a lovely restaurant on the Yarra. Meeting Dian on the Friday fashion show and been absolutely blown away by the beautiful lady was one thing but having lunch in a relaxed and more intimate setting was something else. Sitting among us and chatting away you forgot who she was. So humble and simply beautiful inside out. It was a pleasure to have been in her company. On the day I also meet and made new friends with many that attended. To K from R.F.K it was awesome meeting at last. Your too beautiful and I can’t wait to catch up again. Thank you Dian for giving us your time and to everyone who came along and joined the lovely gathering. Inshallah this will be the beginning of many more to come.


Delicious food and even better company


A little something from us- pic from K’s post


Group pics are always fun. Too many camera’s is an understatement


Sunshine glare..ahh the fun


Dian and Aisha from Confessions of a shopaholic on a budget..LOVE!!!


K from RFK & Dian


Smiles all-round



The Melbourne Bloggers United- minus the beautiful Hijab Files

L-R: Ebru, K, Aisha, me and Seyma 

For more pics check out the blog links above to these lovely ladies posts.


11 thoughts on “Lunch with the gorgeous Dian Pelangi

  1. I'm so…shiny. Haha! Great write up hun, thanks for the plug and we really really need to catch up soon. Let me know when you're back from the trip 🙂

    K xx


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