Out and about in Melbourne


On new years eve I met up with my cousins in the city. A short day at work followed by a night out and a sleep over with the beautiful cousins was just the way to end the year. I’m not a big fan of the new year & all the hype surrounding it but It was nice being in the city chilling with my cousins without feeling unsafe or in the wrong environment. Fireworks weren’t too bad but it was time to head home and enjoy each others company.

Here are the pictures of the day:










-My outfit-

Shimmer jumper-Cotton On Maxi skirt- H&M Hijab- Egypt

Handbag- Milli Lulo Belt- Forever New

Until next time..

take care,

Trendy Melbourne xoxox


8 thoughts on “Out and about in Melbourne

  1. haha yeh aisha loved being a “photographer” 🙂 her pic of the eureka tower was amazing 🙂
    and ofcourse some of the pics were taken by me so thats the reason pics are better 😉 haha jks it was a great day..had so much fun
    xoxo love you


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