Sunday Brunch with the Girls


K from the awesome blog RFK organised  a Sunday brunch get together at the lovely Carlton Espresso. It was a gorgeous day here in Melbourne perfect for a brunch date. I got to meet R & F for the first time yesterday  and reunited with the others from our lunch with Dian again. It was just so beautiful. Gathered over good food and the wonderful girls to share it with, I couldn’t ask for a better Sunday.


                      Farro Salad w/ Rocket, vegetable spelt,  ricotta + tuna


Pasta of the Day – Gnocchi pomodoro w/ prawns


Pappardelle w/ porcini mushroom & truffle oil in bianco (Tuscany)


Rotolo ‘mozzarella roll’ w/ smoked salmon, rocket, mascarpone,

green cerignola olives + salina capers










-My Outfit-

Dress- Unbranded Cardi- Cotton On Hijab- Forever New Bag-Milli Lulo

Belt- Suit Boutique Ring- Rubi Bracelet- Iskha Watch-Pierre Cardin

Until next time..

take care,


Trendy Melbourne xoxoxox


6 thoughts on “Sunday Brunch with the Girls

  1. Assalamu'alaikum!

    I haven't visited your blog in a long time (not sure if you remember me), but I am in Melbourne coming all the way from Dubai! I am having such a hard time finding good places to eat and stuff (partly because I am going about it all alone). My husband is working the whole time. Do you have any good recommendations for food and fun? I am staying in The Westin on Collins Road which is right by Findler Street Station (I'm sure you probably know where). Would love the help! Also, where I could meet some Muslim sisters and attend lectures!! 🙂 I am here for 3 months so really would love your advice!


  2. Salam alkuim sis,

    Of course I remember you. I love reading your blog.
    Your in Melbourne .. OMG. Welcome!!! Aww it must be difficult I can understand. Yes I know where you're staying. In regards to food check out Halalsquare for halal restaurants.
    With regards to lectures in the city-
    There is Jeffcott Mosque:
    Melbourne Madina-
    or there web page-
    Please send me an email on and we can organize a meet up and we can take it from there.

    Take care,

    Samira xoxox


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