Sun Kissed Saturday




-My Outfit-

Lace Jacket- Emilio Black dress- Cotton On Hijab- Sorayya Design Bag- Tightrope Belt- Forever New Ring- PeepToe Shoes- Novo

I wore this outfit a few weeks ago to a friends farewell dinner. It was a lovely get together with friends I hadn’t seen in months. Before heading off to dinner I thought to take pictures of the outfit for the blog. I do get a tad shy asking the people I’m with.  I found a lovely location and grabbed my good old tripod. This lace jacket was a purchase made over 6 months ago. Six months is a long time in my evolving wardrobe. There was so much I loved about it yet for some reason could never put an outfit together. It would come out time and time again as I plan my outfits but just like before it just didn’t look right. Then along came this beautiful black dress. A simple silk like plain dress bought for $5 at Cotton On and I knew I could finally wear it. With a belt to accentuate the waist and my black satin hijab I felt the outfit was finally complete. You all know l Love mint and add the lace details and I was sold.

I would love to know how else you would style this jacket??

Until next time.

Take Care,

Trendy Melbourne


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