Beach and then Dinner


It was a very hot Saturday in Melbourne which means only one thing.. BEACH TIME!!!!!! Dragged the cousins along with me and we spent the day swimming and of course my other favourite hobby..bride sighting 😛 We’ve always been in luck at this beach. We saw 4 brides today every one of them looking fabulous. If there’s ever a sucker for anything to do with weddings, a bride and bridal parties..I’m it. I’ll spot a bride from miles away.. It’s such a beautiful thing to see mashallah.

After a few hours of swimming and fun we decided to go for dinner. We settled for a local Turkish restaurant recommended by a colleague. Koy was very nice. The staff were very accommodating considering it was very busy and we were a large group. Nice food, nothing incredible but everyone seemed pleased with their meal from all reports. 



My marinated swordfish, roasted potatoes with fennel and garden salad


Lemon lime bitter- perfect for the weather



My gorgeous Mona- My camera loves you




My outfit-

Dress & Hijab- Forever New Top- Tempt Sunglasses- Valleygirl Shoes- Novo

Purse- local mall

My OOTD was courtesy of Marwa’s photography- thank you my love.


Much love,

Trendy Melbourne xoxoxo


8 thoughts on “Beach and then Dinner

  1. hey stop teasing me theres no beach in 6th october but love your out fit nice pic of monaand sayhi to there family coz didint get to talk to them say sos to them


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