Brunch with girls


Omg It’s been over three weeks and I haven’t come around to sharing this post. A brunch catch up  was organised again by the beautiful K from R.F.K  along with F from the blog, Sofie from Sofie’s Cupcakes and Treat, Gertha designer and owner from Sajaa Labels, Seyma from Hijab Revival and the beautiful Aisha from Confessions of a Shopaholic on a budget. We met at L’Atelier by Monsieur Truffe in Brunswick. It was my first visit to this cafe and to say I loved it is an understatement. Although the cafe was hard to spot (walked passed twice) the simple interior and of course atmosphere was just awesome. Add to that the great food and lovely staff. I really enjoyed my vine ripened tomatoes,avocado,and fetta on sough dough bread with some olive oil on it. My latte I can’t remember. I was too busy chatting I can’t recall how it was. 

An awesome Sunday spent with lovely company was simply awesome way to end the weekend.

Here are the pics- sorry if there is no detail on the food. I’m not very good with the name of food. I just eat what’s in front of me.


My brunch


Aisha- Me-Gartha-F from RFK – Kfrom RFK and Sofie



Crochet shirt- Integrity Boutique Dress Sydney Black top-Tempt

High waisted skirt- H&M Hijab- Egypt Bag- Mili Lulo

Check out the post and lovely pictures from the other girls blogs here-



Stay tuned for a post on the lovely things I purchased from the Lost and Found Market Seyma and I stumbled across while driving after our brunch. Looking forward to see how I can style the three items.


A lovely necklace, shirt dress and this glomesh handbag in awesome condition.


Until next time,

Take care..

Trendy Melbourne xoxoxo


13 thoughts on “Brunch with girls

  1. tou all look lovely mashaallah… I love what you are wearing on top… it looks like a cardi, but the fabric doesn't look like a knit.. either way, gorgeous! you are cute, “I just eat what's in front of me” LOL something I can never ever do 🙂 oh and the photo of those bread slices with the cheese (bruschetta or something right?) look yummooooo


  2. Thank you hun. It's a shirt actually. onr of my fav buys from Integrity Boutiqe in Bankstown.
    lol I do love my food but never pay attention to what's infront of me. I also don't cook because I enjoy others cooking.

    My choice was delicious indeed.


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