Rock climbing anyone?


It’s been awhile alright. I’m back!!!! hopefully that was the end of the break. A break I needed and happy to have taken. So much outings and events I have attended but never shared on here. Blogging became a chore at one stage and so I thought to give it a break. I want to go back to enjoying the sharing. And also for my beautiful niece Hajar who’s repeatedly been begging me to go back to posting so she can keep up to date with me. This is for you gorgeous.

So to kick off the new post here is a indoor rock climbing centre the girls and I visited 2 weeks ago. Let me set the record straight.. Rock climbing is bloody hard work. Yeah no, I knew that but boy did I underestimate the fitness levels required to get up. Loads of laughs and so partner trust issues was experienced but all worth it. Sweaty and exhausted we headed off to get a bite and refuel. I’m very lucky to have these girls willing to go out and always try something new. Thank you lovelies.




DSC_0263   DSC_0300


                              Trying very hard to remember the steps shown in training




                            Glad to back on solid ground


                                -My Outfit-

                                       Hi-low top and pants- Supre Hijab- Portmans sandals- Novo


Until next time.. take care,

Trendy Melbourne xoxoxox


13 thoughts on “Rock climbing anyone?

  1. How in the world do you rock climb in a hijab and still look chic from start to end?! Hahahaa! Brilliant! I ought to get you to 'style' me whenever sport attire is called for.

    K xx


  2. K nonsense you can pull off any look you gorgeous thing.
    Going casual helps. I don't wear pants but these harem pants are awesome bought for $2 at the Supre sale and the hi-low was $5 :PP

    We need to get a catch up session happening soon.


  3. omg just saw this.glad to see you're back to posting. that was really fun that day and im sure all the girls enjoyed it. still can't stop laughing at both you and i when we went up on that mechanical one….good you xx


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