Photo Walk



Two weeks ago a friend and colleague Melissa organised a photo walk for me and others to do. Melissa is a photographer who runs her own business called Memories of Mine Photography. A talented photographer and a even better friend. I love her work and can’t wait to learn from her more and more. She suggested I hire the lens I was planning to buy soon and boy was that a great idea. Being able to use the new lens with her help at the time was great. I was able to see the potential in both lenses which made the decision very easy. It was extremely kind of her to spend her time with me and my cousin. Having her mentor and friend Allan a Nikon user come to help me as a fellow Nikon user was fantastic. Talking to them and getting tips was certainly wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and looking forward to more photo walks to come.

Hiring is a wonderful idea, one I wasn’t very familiar with. I hired the 50mm 1.4f and the 1.8 prime lenses for a day from Michael’s Camera house.

Here is the link to her website and Facebook page:

And now here are the shots Hiba and I took with the two lenses I was trying:
















Here are Melissa’s photo’s:




There you have it. This is how I spent a Sunday strolling Melbourne’s hidden walkways and lanes.

Please like Mel’s facebook page and check out the beautiful work she does.

Until next time,

Love always,

Trendy Melbourne xoxoxo


15 thoughts on “Photo Walk

  1. Great photography love!!
    I'd love to get a professional camera but I have no idea about lenses and all that stuff!! Thats good you can hire them though!


  2. Hi Carmen,

    Aww thats very kind of you. The photo walk was a great experince. That macaroon tower was very tempting.
    I love strolling through the Block Arcade. Just beautiful.
    Can't wait to see Melbourne through your eyes:)

    It's so nice to have a fellow Melbournian blogger.
    Absoultley love your blog.

    So much fun to ready.

    Love always,

    Samira xoxox


  3. Thanks Krissy.
    It took me awhile to get use to the camera but there's always weekend courses to help.
    Hiring the camera's and lenses is one awesome way to make sure your happy.
    Micheal's is great but so are any other camera houses around town with good prices for 2 and 3 day hires.


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