The Stroll in Mt Macedon

Ok so in my last post I promised a part two to the outing but ummm yeah sorry that never happened. I’m going to never say i’ll be doing this or that on the blog because I just can’t seem to follow through. So I sincerly apologies for once again not keeping my promise :((((

Continuing on from my last post on our driver to Mount Macedone I thought to share some more. We stopped a few times and stretched the legs or whenever something lovely attracted us. We visited the town centre and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee in the local cafe.  We also stopped at the local lookout on the top of Mount Macedon. I wasn’t very keen on a hike due to the freezing conditions so I opted for a sit down in the tea room and instead throughly enjoyed some wedged as the beautiful sun kept me warm.

On our way out of Macedone we stumbled across this little property and an old gas/petrol  pump. The property might have been the local petrol station who knows. We thought it would make for a great location for my casual ootd 😛

 Enough of the dribble from me and here are the pics of what we did for the rest of the day-

DSC 0623



DSC 0509

DSC 0520

DSC 0562

DSC 0565

 Winter is in full swing 

DSC 0585

Beautiful scenic driver

DSC 0592

Pleasant surprise- Just beautiful

DSC 0493DSC 0488

Love that face 😛

DSC 0642


DSC 0703

DSC 0638

DSC 0641


DSC 0653

DSC 0682

DSC 0660

DSC 0662

DSC 0695


DSC 0705


 -My Outfit-

Trench- Miss Shop Scarf- not sure leopard print cardigan -Supre Black long sleeve midi dress- ICE belt- Supre Ankle boots- Forever New 


Until next time,

Take care

Trendy Melbourne xoxoxo


5 thoughts on “The Stroll in Mt Macedon

  1. hiba's face was cute i like the black and white pictures and when u r throwing the leaves, love the jacket and i love what u are wearin

    cant wait till u come:p


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