Port Dickson

Hello lovlies,

After our three day stay in the heart of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur we decided it was time for a relaxing resort before continuing our journey.
Initially I had booked a three night stay at the Golden Palm Tree Iconic resort. We turned up after a 1 hour or so drive from the CBD only to be bitterly disappointed with the resort. I guess no amount of good reviews can really be enough sometimes. Although it was well recommended along with a handful bad comments I just didn’t think it could be so bad. We checked in and there started the disappointment. There was nothing to it but huts stretched for a km in the water. Got online there and then and started searching. Again only relying on reviews we settled for Avillion in Port Dickson. We called the taxi back and he drove us some 35 km from where we were.

We were greeted with a smile even with a 10.30pm check in. We booked the premium water chalet which meant uninterrupted sea view.  We visited the spa twice for some amazing traditional Malay treatment from head to toe. The treatment was simply fantastic. The staff were so professional and the entire experience was something to be hold. I want to go back already.

 The entire three days has been nothing short of amazing we couldn’t prepared to leave.

Catching a gorgeous sunset while lazing around

 chilling in the lounge while skyping the family 

Hiding away from the sun poolside

Great times spent here relaxing and being pampered
Ootd- cape cardigan- Cotton On Harem pants- Zara Hijab & top- local store
Watch- Michael Kors thongs- Rip Curl

Ootd- H&M polkadot top- Tubeskirt- not sure Hijab- local market Bag/watch-Michael Kors
flats- H&M belt-outlet in Kuala Lumpur   

 Ootd- mint pleat shirt-Cotton On Harem pants-Zara Hijab- Myer Necklace- Local market

Jet ski time
 Chilling with the bro on our last day- good times

4 thoughts on “Port Dickson

  1. beautiful mashalah the lounge outside how beautiful. jelous, wish i was there
    looks like u had alot of had fun
    hope u have a great holiday.Eid Mubarak
    give my salams to nouri
    love hajar


  2. Sorry about the slow response.

    Port Dickson was awesome and heaps of fun. Was never ready to leave.

    I wish you could've habibiti.

    Can't wait to see you in Melbourne in 2 wks time inshallah

    Love you xoxoxo


  3. Hahah inahallah you get your turn soon. Travelling is amazing. I can't tell you enough.

    Nouri is trying hard to remain engaged when I give him some lessons on who to take good pics..lol where is Hiba when I really need her 😛

    Not a lot of outfit pics beside the ones Faris took in Stockholm everyone couldn't work the 50mm lens and give up too easily.


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