Skipping right to Spain

After our little stay in Malaysia we went straight to Stockholm and stayed with my uncle and his family for about two weeks. It was a splendid two weeks may I add. Can’t beat good weather and the awesome company of the family.
Due to constant outings and family commitments I was unable to post and update at the time. I’m thinking to leave that for another day and skip right over to Spain.

We fly from Stockholm to Barcelona and then straight down to Granada. I have always been fascinated by the Islamic history in Spain after watching the Google documentary and years of listening to islamic lectures.

I fell in love with Granada watching the google documentary called “When the Moors ruled Europe”. Please do yourself a favour and have a look at it the blogger won’t allow me to add the link.

I arrived with little expectations.. I simply just wanted to visit the Alhambra and see what else the city may offer. To say this place has exceeded my expectation is an understatment and injustice to this magical city. Yes I know thats a big call but I was completely blown away at how beautiful it is. There’s a cool and calm vibe to it. It’s clean and full of character. Every corner, side street and hill of this city facinates me.

Here are the pictures of our time here so far:

Entrance to the restaurant 

What we had for lunch in one of the restaurants on the hills 

 walking the streets and finding some beautiful properties

we prayed Asr prayer here- Just beautiful 

Outfit details:
Long sleeve shirt- Integrity Boutique Sydney Skirt-Sussan Hijab- Forever New 
bag- Nose in Malaysia 
That is it for now until part two of the Granada post.
Much Love,
Trendy Melbourne xoxoxo

10 thoughts on “Skipping right to Spain

  1. Oh Spain, my home country 🙂 Granada it's really a beautiful city, the streets, the white houses, everything it's beautiful, and I will definitelly watch the documentary, thanks for sharing!



  2. hahah thats my little brother. I got it all the time when we were away. lol
    It must be rear to have siblings travelling together.

    The trip was awesome and could do it all over again in a heartbeat.

    Welcome to the world of blogging.
    Already following and great posts

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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