Back In Melbourne in time for Spring

Hi Lovelies,

A quick update cause I’m back in Melbourne.
Malaysia seems so long ago it’s not funny. The 5 week holiday felt like a weeks break.
I guess thats how it is when your having a splendid time.
It’s been two full weeks already and I’m still struggling to get on with it. Seriously I still want to sleep-in and not be tied down to the monotnous way of working life.
I arrived 8pm and was back at work at 9am the next day. Who does that?

My Stockholm, more Granada, London and Barcelona post will be up hopefully in the next week or so. Soon though I promise 😛

Now for some pictures of Sunday coffee and stroll  with my cousins and nieces.



                                              Hiba’s outfit: Dress-Valley Girl Cape cardi- CottonOn Hijab-Myer                                                                                                                            

My Outfit- dress- Hoor Al-Ayn Islamicwear Lace peplum- Bardot Hijab- market
Shoes- H&M Watch- Michael Kors Bag- Nose Malaysia glasses- Carolina Herrera

Until next time..

Take care xoxoxo

4 thoughts on “Back In Melbourne in time for Spring

  1. Omg love how the pictures turned out..great to do my photography thang again with you and can't wait to try lens..also omg thelong awaited TM facelift is that vb its my pic up there haha looks great!

    Xx Hiba
    Aka your photographer (once again)


  2. Sorry for the slow response.

    It's soo good to be back in Melbourne and reunited again for our outings and photography.
    I love the pictures.
    Need to really start saving for that lens.

    Thank you lovely.


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