Casual Sunday- Stepping out of my comfort zone

Hi lovelies,

Back again for a quick update before it its old and delayed.

I did a bit of retail therapy on Thursday after a three month spending ban on clothing.

It’s really taught me to work with what I got. 
Here are the purchases I found at Seen By Scene Store. 
The rebel with a cause tee by Somedays Lovin and distressed jeans by TriBeCa 
While the trench was last winters purchase from MissShop.
Gladiators are from Tony Bianco.
This look is completely different because I just never get the love for jeans but I couldn’t resist them at $16 from retail $100.

This Sunday it was all about stepping out of my comfort zone.


We stumbled across this rather strange set up of a cafe. We stood there unsure what to make of it and it’s eclectic style. After confirming we can have a sit down we ordered some hot drinks and admired the cosy setting.

A massive thank you to Hiba for always putting up with me and my endless requests and to my lovely niece for coming along and helping with the photos that were taken for the reviews.

Until next time,

Take care

Trendy Melbourne xoxoxo


2 thoughts on “Casual Sunday- Stepping out of my comfort zone

  1. It was a great day indeed.
    We def need to go there again so brunch and hunt down that wall art before it gets painted over.
    Love you loads xoxoxo


  2. Thank you beautiful, my cousin is great. I'm very lucky to have her.
    I know it was awesome to achieve it. Very hard though.


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