Casual Sunday in Witchery

Weekend has come and gone. I ventured over to the south of Melbourne to visit my second family. I grew up in the south and love going back every chance I get. It was a gorgeous day for April in Melbourne thats for sure. 
After enjoying an awesome lunch I thought to take the chance and get an ootd pic taken before the sun disappeared.
Thank you Marwa and Maram for putting up with me and my constant demands.
Love you both.
-Outfit detail-
Black card- Kayra Pants- Witchery
Hijab- Forever New Bag- Boohoo 
Shoes- RMK Watch- Michael Kors
Ring- Dotti

These light grey pants with leather details are a new addition to my wardrobe. I purchased them from a Op Shop that have a lot of Witchery seconds.
I love leather  and so this was a no brainer. I love the details on the waist and pockets.
As always Witchery gets it right with the details.
Super happy with a $12 purchase- RRP for Witchery would be over $80.
Love me a bargain any day of the week.

It was a long driver so I opted for this super comfy outfit perfect for a lazy sunday with friends.

Hope you all had a splendid weekend and hope you all have a fantastic week to come.

Love always,
Trendy Melbourne xoxoxox


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