Stripes and back to basics

Hi there lovelies,

Todays post is all about this awesome basic striped t-shirt I purchased not long ago. It’s been months since I thought to buy one as a basic item to have but never got around to it. However when you see it on sale it’s always a no brainer.
I teamed this t-shirt from Dotti with my fav TopShop double layered black maxi skirt and my all time favourite PullandBear leather Jacket.
The accessories were pretty simple but different. I went with the clear bubble like necklace purchased from Lovisa and a stack of clear beads for the arm-candy (unfortunately no clear pic) from Lovisa also.
My hijab was red to tie it in with my wedges. It’s an old pair i’ve had for over 5 years from Rubi but always go for them when I want that pop of red.
All in all a simple OOTD for a weekend spent last week attending a fantastic Islamic conference in Melbourne.

Sheik Yahya Ibrahim delivering a great talk as always mashallah

There you have it… A simple ootd up to ensure I keep you all posted.

Much Love,

Trendy Melbourne xoxo


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