Summer Love- No layering required

Hello friends,

My goodness 2015 has started and is already 6 days in as I write up this post.. might be 7 by the time the post goes live 😛
Summer is here for us living down under. It’s been so inconsistent but of course thats nothing new for us Melbournians.
As a hijabi people are shocked to hear me express my love for summer and all things hot weather. It makes sense though… people can not comprehend how I can see any advantages as a hijabi with the heat. Friends and colleagues alike question me all the time. I’ve always loved water and sunshine and also that my african skin can’t handle the cold.
On the topic of heat one thing I’ve always managed is my ability to dress for the weather. I dislike layering and would avoid it where possible.
Here’s an outfit worn on a really warm Melbourne summer day-
A light chiffon long sleeve dress with buttons down the front paired with my jeans.
Jeans aren’t my go to bottoms but they were ok for the day.

-Outfit details-
Dress- Vintage from Lost & Found market
Jeans- Tribeca 
Hijab- borrowed
Bag- Mocha
Shoes- Tony Bianco
Sun glasses- Witchery
Watch- Michael Kors

Next post- My trip to Perth… super excited for some time off from work for 2 weeks and just can’t wait to be a beach bum for a few once.
Until Next time..
Take care
Trendy Melbourne xoxoxo


One thought on “Summer Love- No layering required

  1. Chahrazad your incredibly kind. I miss blogging too. I've struggled soo much. Alhamdullah its lovely her. Weather today is 38 so it's incredibly hot.
    Thanks for the amazing support you continue to give me although not deserving of it.
    Love you long time 😘xoxoxo


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