From Melbourne to Perth

Hi Lovelies,


On today’s post I thought to share my experience on moving away from home. It’s been one year and two weeks now since the move so I think I’ve got a good handle on the topic. Just a few observation below…..

1-People want your thoughts: Everyone you speak to and in conversation find out your a newbie to the city will ask your opinion….instant pressure to give your thoughts..ahhhhh  I’m always honest and my response. I genuinely loved Perth from my first trip in 2015. People always come back to wanting you to compare it with Melbourne. You can’t compare apples and oranges. Melbourne and Perth have very little in common in my opinion. There is no point to dig a hole for yourself with potential friends😝😝😝
I strongly believe it comes down to the individual and their desire and want to enjoy their new city. I’m an adventurous person so there was no waiting around for people to show me what Perth holds. I ventured and drove to areas on the hunt for that perfect spot for coffee. Effort is required in the discovery process. It just doesn’t happen if your going to wait around for people.
I was fortunate enough to have about two months before I started my full time job so I spend most of my free time researching and familiarising myself with my surrounds.

2- Mental comparison all day long: when I’m grocery shopping, retails shopping, furniture shopping anything just about I’m forever comparing the availability or more like lack of it. It’s so natural but I knew it won’t be productive at all so I decided to try and find alternatives.

3-Missing out on family events have to be the hardest part of the move. Any get together big or small I want to be there too. Despite my three trips to Melbourne in 12 months It feels like an eternity as the day goes pass. I miss it more and more as the days go by. However if it wasn’t for FaceTime and snapchat I would’ve struggled badly.

4-Before I got married I can count how many times I was seen cooking in the
I’m loving my time in the kitchen post marriage, something you would never hear me say before.
I love my meat and I found finding the right Halal butcher one of the hardest thing in my move to Perth. Nothing against the businesses here but I just don’t think they stack up well against the ones I was so use to in Melbourne. After visiting over five different places I’ve managed to stick to one. Call me picky.

5- making friends- I’ve throughly enjoyed meeting with new people. It’s been great getting to know friends of friends. I’m all about catch ups and get togethers. Always happy to host for friends and family alike.  It’s a new found love and having a supportive husband always helps. Call me social butterfly If you may but nothing beats making awesome connections with like minded people.

6- Work- making the transition to work life in a new city Is always the hard part. A transfer of some kind helped ease the process. I’m forever greatful for the opportunity given to me. Moving interstate with a position in place eased a lot of pressure. The two months of down time Before starting the job gave me the opportunity to spend time with my family and friends before I had to go back to the grind.

Here’s a collection of my wonderful year here in Perth

My neices first trip to Perth was the highlight of my year

Trip to Rottnest Island 

Chilling by the Swan river
Until next time take care and have a fabulous Thursday.

Trendy Melbourne xoxox


2 thoughts on “From Melbourne to Perth

  1. Hi Trendymelbourne!
    You’ve certainly made the best out of your move.
    It’s nice to see Perth through your eyes. I must say
    I have never concerside WA to be as breath taking as it’s featured in your blog.
    Am now definitely coming to explore WA’s fabulous beaches.
    Thanks to you!
    Keep up the great job!!!

    ❤❤❤fellow Melbournian


    1. Hi Bella,

      Thanks for the heartfelt comment. Yes Peryh had been an awesome place to relocate. It’s a gorgeous city with its own perks. The Beaches are so beautiful and so much I’m yet to see. It’s been a wonderful adventure Alhamdullah.
      Than you for stopping by and making my day 😘😘😘


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